Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy thing called emotions

So, I took Grant to the airport yesterday morning. We left here at roughly 4am to head out, and for the most part there were minimal delays. We did see deer on the way, so from then on I drove slowly until we got to the highway. Because it was so early the highway was fairly clear, and that was nice. While I was on the way to pick him up two accidents happened, and driving through there was horrendous (not to mention it was lunch hour).

After dropping him off I came home and slept for a while before getting up again and running errands. One of my errands included creating something very similar to this:

Order Shipping Center

I absolutely LOVE it. I love reading Nicole Balch's blog, too. She and I have very different styles, but she has fantastic organization skills that work to her advantage. Once I have put the finishing touches on my shipping center I'll post photographs. While the shipping center will be great for now, it will find more use once I have the studio to put it in.

I also purchased gift wrap and ribbon from a wholesale store here, and I plan to offer gift wrapping for Simply Sweet Announcements now. I'm still working out the details for it and how I want to run things. I'm planning on offering a bunch of new things at the beginning of the year, but I'm also going unveil some new products this month. Be on the look out!

So while I'm missing Grant terribly, I'm working really hard to keep myself busy, so that I get a lot accomplished and don't sit around sad for too long.

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