Saturday, January 5, 2008

Conversation pieces

I absolutely love weird, cool things that you find and put into your home. When you see someone's home or visit, I always wonder who picked what, what does that piece reflect about them, why did they choose that? Some things are cool looking, some are an interest, some have sentimental value.

When we moved to North Carolina I received a lot of furniture that had been other family members that were in excellent condition. A few of those items include two end tables and a coffee table that was my great grandmother's from the 1950's. They look like I just brought them brand new, and I love them to pieces. The coffee table is something I'm working on because it needs a need glass plate for the top, but I will hopefully have it in working order by February. Here are some photos of how the end table looks. I'm hoping to have more photos by next weekend of the apartment once the sofa comes in, and I finish moving things around to the places I like.

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