Monday, February 18, 2008

Chef April

So while I'm not normally a cook, with the new apartment and added expenses, eating at home is much cheaper. Now I'm forced to learn to cook some new dishes or at least improve on the ones that I already know.

Yes, I have been eating a lot of pancakes and eggs recently, but I have also branched out. I've started to include more greens including broccoli and spinach like my wonderful salad here:

I also made yummy sugar cookies for Valentine's Day to send to Grant:

I'm not a huge sugar cookie fan, but I loved these. I can't wait until he receives them (sadly, he has not received them yet).

In addition to the wonderful cooking/baking I've been improving upon, I'm getting better at venturing out of the box and creating some newer spins of the foods I love (like an egg sandwich with a pancake as the bread). Grant will still reign supreme in the kitchen though, especially since I find many other things I enjoy much more.

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Jamie Lovely said...

That salad looks really yummy!