Monday, April 7, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

Well, I've been chugging along taking product photos and other fun things. I'm really pushing for it to open on Wednesday, so we will see.

In addition to that, I got sick of having to deal with blogger, and the whole trying to convert it to wordpress on my hosting. Anyway, I purchased a separate domain for the blog and will be moving it over to there, soon, too. So yes, my impatience once again overwhelmed me.

I also have decided that I love my courses this quarter. That combined with spring makes me very, very happy. I'm very excited.

Sadly though, I found out that my husband will be traveling the world for the next few months with limited internet. Since we're already across the world from each other, the internet has been a lifesaver, so hopefully I can stay busy, busy. Then hopefully he can visit or I can visit him this fall/winter. I'm excited for that.

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