Saturday, April 19, 2008

I miss my husband...

So, the past few days have been kind of bad for me anyway, but the internet on his end seems to be worse than normal. Our webcams don't load as quickly, or he isn't able to connect at all (or keeps getting disconnected). So it's been rough all around, and this morning I really wanted to talk to him and true to that need the internet decided it didn't want to work. Even before I woke up I could see how many times he had been knocked offline since 2:45 in the morning, so I knew my chances were not good - oh well.

Today is supposed to be rainy with a high in the 50's, so not as nice as yesterday but I checked and the same weather is supposed to be happening where he is. It makes me feel closer when the weather is the same...almost like we're in the same zip code.

So today my plans include working, gearing to get Simply Whimsy open (because it hasn't been long enough already?), work on some proofs, and studying for exams and quizzes this coming week. My hope is that at some point he'll be able to get online.

I love my husband.

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