Sunday, November 11, 2007

Study, study, study!

So finals week is this week, and it's such a crazy time period anyway. On top of that, Grant is visiting, and I'm super excited. It makes for a very unproductive weekend though, because I absolutely can't seem to focus. I've decided that I can post in this blog, but then I must - absolutely must - start studying. I'm taking two exams early to avoid having to take it after he gets here, but I still have one exam while he's here. Plus I have a fourth that is already scheduled for before he gets here. If necessary, one of the ones I'm taking early can be delayed and taken during its scheduled time period.

Scratch that. I've decided to go to Lowe's and help my mom pick out paint to paint her living room, and then we're swinging by Walmart to pick up some items. I'm in desperate need of some organizing tools for my stationery and cardstock for Simply Sweet Announcements. It's getting kind of out of control, and until I have my studio when I move, I need to make everything as easy as possible in the space I have.

So as if it's not obvious, I'm avoiding studying, but I plan on taking a textbook with me on the trip. I can begin creating a study sheet on the way since I'm being picked up (sheesh, have you seen gas prices?), so that will help.

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