Monday, December 10, 2007

Dishes, Sofas, and packing

While Grant purchased these absolutely gorgeous plates and serving dishes from Japan last year, we are need of actual every day dishes. We had these wonderful glass plates and bowls, but alas, they did not last. They cracked and chipped, and then I threw them away and donated the ones that lasted. I made a drastic different purchase of plates tonight. They're black and more of a rounded square. The bowls are "squarish", and so are the cups. They're quirky, and I like them.

I only purchased a set of four, because I found a different style that are red and black. I think I'm going to get that set, too, and mix them. I love them both. I'll post pictures once I move in and open the box. As of right now though, they're going to stay in the box until I move.

Hopefully all of the paperwork will be complete by Tuesday, and I can move in on Wednesday. That would be wonderful. That also means I need to get a move on with packing everything .

Also, after thinking through everything. I have decided I don't have to have a sectional sofa with a chaise, so I'm going to get a regular sofa in white. Then later purchase a separate chaise to go with it. I think the original sofa we had chosen, well, I was falling out of love with. Something simple, but comfortable where I could maybe update the pillows some would be perfect. I am on the hunt now!

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