Friday, December 7, 2007

Pack, pack, packing!

So I've begun packing, and it's always so exciting and sad. It always marks a huge change in my life, and this is no different. However one of hte nice things about moving is that I go through all of my stuff as I pack it and evaluate, "do I really need this?" Sometimes I keep some of the stuff I know I don't need or will never wear, but usually it's gone within a few months anyway. However, I do get rid of a lot of stuff, too, so that always feels good. I'm sure the Salvation Army loves when I clear out all of my stuff. I know that we will always have a lot of stuff, but it feels good when you clear out unnecessary items and make room for the new changes in my life. I absolutely can't wait to move! I'm so excited, and I have a wonderful view outside my porch. It will definitely be nice during the spring and summer.

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