Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Java you are not my friend

I think I just disliked it because I couldn't the java class I really wanted to, so I was very not interested in what we were doing for this course. I wanted to take the java class where you created applets and things of that nature, but I ended up taking a course that was essentially a repeat of my previous java course = NO FUN. What's wonderful is that it's finished, and I shouldn't need anymore java. I may need C++, but no more java! That is fantastic, and that's all I have to say about that.

As for finals I'm three down and one more to go tomorrow morning, and hopefully it won't be as scary as I'm thinking it will be. I can't wait for spring, and I'm even starting to get excited about next quarter (what a nerd).

Hopefully though this year goes semi-quickly until Grant gets home, and then time can slow down again. He just got back from 14 days on a lone island with no communication, and he's leaving again soon to once again a no communication area. Sigh. No communication = MAJOR NO FUN. Hopefully though he'll be able to email at least.

Also, an IKEA opened only about 40 minutes from here. I'm so excited! I finally get to go to IKEA, but that trip is scheduled for after my last exam. Here's to studying just a little more for this quarter!

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