Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles...

Tonight I have been studying for my last final which is at 10:45am today (who needs sleep anyway?), and true to my studying nature I've had movies on in the background. Thus far I've "watched" Mean Girls, The Princess Bride, and now The Notebook. I absolutely adore those movies. Well, I love lots of movies, and I think I finally have a favorite actress. She's in the first and last movie from tonight, and she's in another of my favorites, The Wedding Crashers. Her name is Rachel McAdams, and I think if I could meet any actress she would be it. For a favorite actor, I'm not sure yet. That's still debatable, but maybe I'll find one.

The coming week I'll be working on some of my illustrations and working with Illustrator, so hopefully I can post some updates on here. Maybe some freebies for those who read my blog.

Now it's back to vectors, but I will post updates later today on how my exam went.


Jamie Lovely said...

I love Rachel McAdams! She such a good actress and gorgeous!

I have to watch Mean Girls every time it is on tv. It's pretty much a rule haha

April said...

I love watching Mean Girls. I'm still not sick of it, and I love watching it while cleaning.