Monday, March 31, 2008

Loving that craftiness

So while I have finally settled in to my apartment (although it would be that much more wonderful if Grant was here, but I digress), I have set about fine tuning the things that will make it more beautiful to me. I absolutely love coming home to a clean apartment, but there are a few things missing.

So here is the dining room as we last saw it:

I'm still not sold on it, but it's okay for now. I need to fill my photo collage divider as right now it just has the factory brown inserts. I really would like to add in some stools for the counter there on the left, and maybe once I do that, I'll be able to rearrange the whole dining room to a more appealing layout. I also need some things to fill the walls. Maybe I'll create something tonight or tomorrow for that, and then I'll submit that with my photos that I want printed for the stand.

Second, I have my living room portion that I love, but it still needs work. Now because the apartment is only temporary, and we'll be purchasing a house next year sometime, I don't want to buy too many things that may not fit in there. However, I hate my curtains. They're brown and ugly, and I want something to brighten the room. Since I have white walls, I've decided to go ahead and try and find red curtains. Yeah, that's not easy.

I did stumble upon this wonderful fabric site: Kitty Craft. I adore almost all of the fabrics, and who wouldn't with such cute stuff as this:I think I've decided on this one though:
I think the freshness of the design and the red will be perfect, but I'm still hesitant to purchase unless there is truly a red fabric that I like with some sort of design. Maybe I will wait a week, and

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Jamie Lovely said...

Oh! I love the one you chose!